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  • High level cuisine

  • Winery / Exclusive Wine Shop

  • Pizzeria with wood oven

  • Luxurious style rooms

  • Concierge service

  • Wi-fi in every environment

  • Large and spacious bathrooms

  • Views

  • Artistic decorations

  • Dogs with supplement

  • Breakfast always included





ANOTHER WINE IS POSSIBLE. "Small and Beautiful". Production, central to modern vocabulary, is not always synonymous with excellence. What we want to offer you is a search for real, genuine wines, not forgetting an essential ingredient as the grape, that is the effort of the man who inserts his knowledge and his story from the vineyard to the bottle. Territory, crops, techniques and passion we can, if we pay attention, perceive them in a glass.








THE HOTEL BAR IS THE HEART OF THE STRUCTURE. Small internal production of sweet and savory pastries, international cocktails and excellent distillates. In the outdoor dior summer period overlooking the beautiful surrounding mountains.

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